Who Is Rick McKinley?

by Sebastian Rogers (Director of Communications for Imago Dei Community) The Problem A good Church Communications Director always uses the first person plural “we” or the possessive “our” when writing … Continue Reading →

photo by Will Campbell

Call to Worship: Sunday, March 30th

Here is an excerpt from this Sunday’s Call to Worship, written by Karyn Thurston: I used to fall all of the time. There’s a scar on my left knee, still … Continue Reading →


Call to Worship: Sunday, February 16

Fire and Ice by Karyn Thurston This time last week we were, most of us, battling ice. Portland exhaled our collective “Ooooo” at the magic mysterious silence of snow, then … Continue Reading →


Call to Worship: Sunday, January 26

by Van Wheeler Today we’re going to hear about Abraham and his “seed”, and how Paul sees that word seed as referring Christ. To warm us up, I thought you … Continue Reading →


Want to Learn More About God’s Story?

As Pastor Rick preaches through the story of the Bible this year, Pastor Josh Butler (Local & Global Outreach) is launching a new class called The Story of God to … Continue Reading →


Call to Worship: Sunday, January 12th

by Jeanette Rawlins It’s like a stage with no lights on, empty, waiting. A stage that has a story to tell. One that’s pregnant with possibility and equally with no … Continue Reading →


Abbey Haskins talks about Imago’s Remedy Clinic

Every year we take a portion of the Advent Conspiracy offering and put it toward missional grants, which help Imago members start ministries that serve and bless our city with … Continue Reading →


Sunday’s Call to Worship: January 5, 2014

by Karyn Thurston He’s wearing aggressively voluminous jeans, a face-shielding hoodie, pounding earbuds, and a scowl that marks him, instantly in my quick sideways glance, as someone who does not … Continue Reading →