Call to Worship: Sunday, January 12th

by Jeanette Rawlins

It’s like a stage with no lights on, empty, waiting.

A stage that has a story to tell.

One that’s pregnant with possibility and equally with no guarantees.

Anticipation hangs on the promise and potential

The air prickles, heavy and hopeful

The audience waits for the first line.

But, we have the first line.

In the Beginning. . .In the beginning, God.

He threw the lights on and the stage awoke with magic.

He spoke and the actors came alive with song, speech and imagination.

What once was still and void erupted into blinding color and rolling, billowing waves of movement.

Life was evoked from the depths of the God-head and the love story began.

He said, “Come, be in my story, write with me, speak with me, walk with me.

It was not a book meant to be read with mild interest and then set down to accumulate dust.

Nor a narrative placed in a static space and time that occasionally informed the present—sort of.

It is the same story.

Then and now.

One where the players, the actors create with the creator.

Casting calls are for everyone, from everywhere.

A plot that moves forward with us, not outside of or in spite of us.

The author who holds the universe is as close as our own breath.

We may not have the lines ahead of time, but he invites us to speak.

We may be confused by the direction, but he asks that we trust.

We may not know the next act, but He says “You know me.”

Our sovereign God welcomes us onto the stage, not the back row.

He invites us into an eternal plot that weaves redemption every where, in every thing.

It’s not a one-man-show.

Our Great God, the one who holds the universe, longs for us to find ourselves in his Story, because it was for US that he wrote it, for US that He came, US that He so loved.

May we enter His love-story of reconciliation

And together, rise with him as his victorious message sweeps through our neighborhoods, cities, our nation and beyond.

The greatest story ever told.

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