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  • Jessica Severne says:

    An excellent resource that hits the very heart of this post is Hal Perkins, “If Jesus Were a Parent.” A major theme of the book is disciplining and relating with our kids through grace. It has many practical, beautiful examples from the author’s life, and has had a phenomenal impact in my parenting.

  • Jeff Marsh says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely want to check that out!

  • Hans Peterson says:

    Thanks again Jeff for teaching and fascilitating the baptism class! I love your blog; it completely coincides with how I have come to understand the gospel.

    “What the messiah has freed us for is freedom;”therefore Peterson, stand in the pocket of sanctification and do not be sacked by the yolk of slavery again! Do not be tackled by either the loosing strategy of Rule Keeping nor the loosing strategy of Rule Breaking. Instead, remember that God Himself drafted you to be an image-bearer perfectly capable of reflecting the victorious Rule & Reign of God’s team: Father, son, and Holy Spirit.

    Therefore, Yeshua, The Champion, has replaced my worn-out defeated spirit with His morally beautiful garment of Praise & confidence. Because the only thing that counts anymore is his awesome and perfect victory over darkness, my win/loss record, has been benched forever.

    Jeff, what experience, strentht, and hope do have when Rule following or Rule Breaking looks like the avenue to freedom or at least relief from the bondage of self?

    Peace of the Lord Hans

  • I think there should be ONE warning. If it happens again, call the parent to remove the child. Sorry, but I don’t think other kids should be victimized by a 4 year old who is old enough to understand. If he can’t even behave over the course of a couple of hours, the parent clearly has problems that you can’t solve.

  • That does sound fine however i’m just still not too sure that I favor it. Anyway will look even more into it and choose for myself! :)

  • My spouse and i undoubtedly have to think even more in that area to see what i can do over it.

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