Kick Grass wins 2012 McKinley Cup

Back by popular demand, The McKinley Cup, an annual kickball tournament, was held this past Saturday at Buckman Elementary. When was the last time you played kickball? Fourth grade? See, that’s the beauty of this tournament. It was an opportunity to tap into your inner child, spend time with your community as well as meet some new people.

Despite all odds, the rain held for 90 percent of the tournament, making for even more fun for both the competitors and their families and fans. Decorated from head to toe, teams came out with a fiery spirit and a thirst for victory. After face paint was applied and team cheers were determined, teams fueled up on doughnuts and water.

Essential sustenance:

Crown and robe to be won (modeled by event organizers):

For the first round, a list of silly rules were implemented such as: mandatory speed-walking and screaming while traveling from base to base, opposites (kick with your opposite leg and throw with your opposite arm). This made for tremendous fun and most certainly entertained the neighbors.

Official reading of the rules

Rule #1: Don’t mess with the ref:

Ref Haley laying down the law

Teams were comprised of home communities, Bible studies, random friends, small groups and leadership teams.

Meet the teams:

Park PAC

NoPo Slow Pokes

These guys get extra style points from me since they even brought Michael Jackson music to play on a boom box during their games! How cool is that? No surprise, they won the award for “Best Costumes,” this year.

The Montavilla Thrillas

Old Age and Treachery

Team Kick Grass

Mansion Madness

Black Eyed Peas

Beaverton Sexton Mountain

So many families and friends came out to watch and cheer. There was a wonderful play structure at Buckman that the kids especially enjoyed. This little lady was one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders of the day as she would run up behind the backstop and yell, “Go daddy! Go!”

Pastor Rick McKinley at bat for his team “Old Age and Treachery”

Team member from "The Black Eyed Peas," at bat

One of the "Montavilla Thrillas," proves it hasn't been since fourth grade since she's played

Suddenly the quarterfinals were upon us. It was Kick Grass vs. Old Age and Treachery. Creighton Kearns (Imago elder) from OAAT and his son Steven from KG did rock, paper, scissors to see who would bat first. KG won. For most of the game the score was 2-2, but then in the final moments, KG rose to the challenge and scored, winning 3-2.

The minute the game was over, the heavens opened up and the rain began to pour. Hmmm… maybe beating a team of your pastors, elders and leaders has consequences. Just kidding!

After their win over OAAT, KG went on to the finals and played Beaverton Sexton Mountain for the final game. Despite an honorable effort from BSM, it wasn’t enough to triumph over this determined young team.

Victory was sweet for these young gents.

McKinley Cup 2012 Champions: Kick Grass

Thanks to everyone who came out to play and to all the friends and family who came to support.

On a personal note, today reminded me just how important play is. So often we get lost in the hustle of life, work, responsibilities, etc. While it’s great to spend time with our community, at church, in home community, or in service to the church or the community, we don’t take enough time to play together. The McKinley Cup was the perfect answer for that need.

Taking time on a Saturday morning to put on a ridiculous outfit, rally your friends and play a game of kickball is important. Very important. I appreciate that this is something our community values.

Much thanks to the Imago Dei interns for organizing and putting on such a wonderful event!

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  • Susan says:

    Congratulations to the winning team. Personally, I love to watch kickball games. I’m a fun since my college days.

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