The Abandonment of Peace

There is a peace that the world advertises to us moment by moment, promising safety, and at the center of this peace is the most important thing: me. But this peace of the world can only exist in one way, by circumstance. Within these circumstances, I fear changes & the unknown because this peace is at it’s best when it is looking out for me. They can call it my way, my endeavor, my journey – ultimately, it’s about pursuing the safety of me.

When I have enough money in the bank that I could withstand a bad economy – I will have peace.
When the recognition and position finally comes my way at work – I will have peace.
When I look in the mirror and love the way I look – I will have peace.
When nobody tells me what to do with my spare time – I will have peace.
When the tests come back healthy – I will have peace.
When the security system is the best money can buy – I will have peace.
When nobody critiques anything I do – I will have peace.
When everyone wants to be me – I will have peace.

Conversely, the peace of God only exists in relationship. It’s a restoration of relationship between all that is and God the Father, God the Son & the Holy Spirit. Within this unity of the Godhead, there is harmony & connection with the world and all that it has created – it is shalom. It doesn’t promise me safety, but instead warms me not to seek safety in the things of this world.  By no means does it make life easy or simple – but it means you’re not alone.  It transcends circumstances to the place where the unknown becomes commonplace because the peace of God isn’t scared by the unknown. With this peace, I realize that I am not at the center of the universe.

When the economy fails – There is shalom.
When my father dies before his time – I am not alone because God’s family has adopted me.
When the job I knew I could never lose, suddenly is no longer mine – I know I can trust in the provision of my Father.
When the roads get slick and the car is out of control – I call out the name of my Father, not in vain, but in hope.
When the front door is kicked in at 2 o’clock in the morning – I search for his protecting arms.
When my the love of my life tells me they no longer love me – He knows my fears, my cray & my heart.
When the doctor can’t find out what is wrong – I am aware of his all encompassing knowledge & plan.
When I hurt those that I love the most – I am with him, he moves me towards his image.
Within God’s peace, the question stops being when and starts becoming who – it becomes about Jesus. That being said, the peace in which we pursue becomes increasingly important.

If I pursue the world’s peace, I would never sign up to adopt a refugee family as they arrive in my neighborhood. These strangers in a foreign land actually threaten my peace – they risk me questioning the amount of non-essential things I buy when I see them living on next-to nothing. The language barrier alone would make me feel uncomfortable and anxious. They are the epitome of a task with no end & no certainty of personal accomplishment. But the list goes on:

The elderly widow that would love someone to talk with.
Families with critically ill children.
The “Jon’s” who risk imprisonment for a moment of perverted intimacy.
At risk students in need of a mentoring relationship.
The sexually exploited women trafficked on the street
Homeless street youth with nowhere else to turn.
The hungry.
The imprisoned.
The disabled.
The addicted.

Our Prayer:
Jesus, forgive us for pursuing a peace that doesn’t love as you love. Forgive our isolation & lack of concern for our neighbors. Break our hearts from the idol of a self-centered heart. Forgive us for thinking too highly of ourselves and give us love to share with our brothers & sisters in need.

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  • This is right on brother! I am amazed at how well you articulate the truth of the matter!

    • Gerard says:

      Hey, KAT!!! This is gorgeous!!! Beautiful coesrnvion. I saw this right after I clicked on a vote and I wish I would have seen it before. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Hope you’re well, girl! Been awhile. xo

  • Bek says:

    A prayer I need to pray daily…let us cling to YOUR peace and not our own idea of it.

  • Ken Weigel says:

    Peace is right Philip. It’s amazing how tempting it can be to cling to things that actually encourage us to stay isolated from the places that need the love of Christ through His people.

  • jodi brown says:

    ken, i just stumbled apon this and so happy i did…. you have a way with words….. hmmmm…. challenging to get to that spot but i need reminders like this about striving for this kind of peace.

  • Ken Weigel says:

    Thanks Jodi, the peace within circumstances is definitely appealing & deceptive. The comforting thing about the peace of God is that throughout long & busy days, we don’t have to make any effort beyond remembering that we have been placed into a relationship that changes everything.

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