Love, Sex and God

This month I will begin a new sermon series: Love, Sex and God. If you’re interested in any one of those topics you shouldn’t miss it. In all honesty, the issues of love, sex and God consume all of our lives in one way or another. For some of us we find ourselves single and wanting to be married, wondering that if we follow God’s instructions on sex, will we end up doomed to a life of celibacy?

This fear is not unfounded because we live in a culture where sex has become a God unto itself. Therefore reserving sex until marriage raises the price on sex and that seems to be a price very few people are willing to pay. This isn’t just in our culture (that no one seems willing to pay that price), but it exists in the church as well.

The question becomes, not so much how do I get to the alter without having sex, but why would I want to do that in the first place? This is especially confusing when everyone around you seems to assure you that saving yourself for marriage is an outdated belief that will actually mess up your life.

Others of you thought that when you got married it meant you were going to have all the sex you wanted all the time, only to find yourself not having very much sex at all. This has left you wondering if somehow being faithful to your spouse is going to lead to a life of sexual deprivation.

In almost all of these situations the clash between love, sex and God is massive. We will spend four weeks taking that conflict head-on. We won’t just look for easy answers, but try to go deeper into the real questions, challenges and fears that are all wrapped up in the issues of love, sex and God.

The Bible has a lot more to say about the thorny issues of our relationships then perhaps we realize. We won’t simply be slapping Bible verses on complicated issues and acting like it’s easily solved. Instead, we’ll delve into the intricacies of who we are, the relationships that we were made for and the pathway that God has provided for us where we get to experience the blessing of love, the gift of sex and the pleasure of God. It really is possible and I can’t wait to share this series with you.

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  • JohnLuce says:

    Looking forward to the series. Especially hope we can talk about using our singleness (whether it is temporary or life-long) for God.

  • Sumner says:

    Interesting and selfish, is the marriage contract reflecting the image and likeness of God in man? Can it? So I am assuming you should be seeking the heart of God on the matter. There arent many examples of the heart of God in scripture that don’t show the most unideal circumstances. Do we require the ideal stance on all things marriage and sex to be at or in the heart of God? Or is this the good word of the gospel translated to each and his own? Are we certain selfknowledge that God has besought in us through his eyes and the renewing of his spirit fits so rigid a dialectic as marriage in 20th century sanctum of humanity? Or is there continuity? If so, what are the differences? How can we be sure we aren’t praising some idol within the church of the ‘right’ marriage but slanting all the other relationships that may be equally holy but not up to the human standard and human translation of perfection? All I am saying is that this pinning down of God’s heart into marriage is idol worship.

  • Sumner says:

    BAnd as for the commenter above me… yes God will use it but probably won’t tell you or make a big deal out of it. It is just unfair that we use togetherness and monogamy as jestures of value when they are only vestiges of unity and not the only vestige of unity. Aloneness all-oneness is itself a marriage but dont get caught up on it. You might not be mechanically inclined that way by the suspended animation of God’s breath in your vehicle. Whatever the case we are to huggy and lovey and affectionate as a culture. I am not modest but think if it this way: we are each God’s flash drive at different parts of gathering and planting in-formation. If you hug or touch someone whom it is not the will of God to be affectionate with even in the slightest you are gathering information when you may need to be planting or vice versa. Beware the touchy church members. They arent devils but they need to recognize their affections. Not change just recognize. I wouldny even shake the greeters hands especially if I was a singleton. They dont need my information on my flashdrive and I DEFINATELY DO NOT NEED THEIR INFORMATION. It is called a filter failure. It stems from the heart not the mouth. If a singleton it would be really hard to ‘feel’ okay with that emotional descision if you are being touched by a bunch of people even if it is their highest blessing because the affections are not coming from man and are not going back to him they are from God but are they always making the full return? Better to be allone than toogather against the seasons.

  • NookieNotes says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this series, because it’s a topic I have been interested in for a while. Years, in fact.

    I know there are some others out there, but yours is now in my sphere of attention. *smiles*

  • NookieNotes says:

    So, has there been any follow-up on this? Will there be?

    I subscribed to the RSS specifically for this interesting series, but I haven’t seen anything come through. Am I looking in the wrong place?


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